New York Motorcycle Club

By L.J. James

The Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club is based out of Bohemia on Long Island, N.Y. MSMC is a 1% Motorcycle Club made up of individuals who share a passion for Riding and a strong Brotherhood with each other.

Mortal Skulls MC maintains a well disciplined club structure and function. This club is not for the weekend motorcyclist and prospecting is mandatory!

All members must own and Ride an American made Motorcycle and participate on an equal level in all aspects of club duties. The success of the Mortal Skulls MC has been due in part to the dedication and hard work of all its members and its acceptance into the Long Island Biker community.

The Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club does a Motorcycle run every year in June to help keep the Children of Long Island NY safe and the MC participates in many Charities all over the Long Island and New York area.

Members of the Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club are not Bullies and Thugs They are Men who can handle any problem that may arise they are not Boys looking for a problem !

The Club is a True 1% Motorcycle Club ! 1% does not mean Criminal organization and they are not!

The Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club wears its Colors proudly and takes great pride in what they Stand for!!!

There are many shows and movies that show Motorcycle Clubs in a way that is not what MC's are really about. The Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club is about Brotherhood, Loyalty , Honor and Respect !They are true Brothers who are there for each other and its about what you can do for the MC not what the MC can do for you!!!

If you live in the Long Island NY area and want to attempt to become a part of a true Motorcycle Brotherhood then Contact them at or Check the webpage at MORTALSKULLS.COM - 30296

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Using New York Printing During The Holidays

By Andy Seitz

The New York printing scene is unforgettable during all times of the year, but is especially vibrant during the holiday season. Christmas brings a lot of specialized printing projects with lots of holiday cheer. The city itself lights up as well. New York printing during the holidays is a perfect for all of you printing needs.

There are a couple really popular holiday products that New Yorkers can get from a printing company: Christmas cards and family photo announcements. These are simple ways to share the holiday spirit that will be much appreciated because a custom card shows you went out of your way to make something special.

There are many New York printing companies that are accustomed to helping people with their holiday printing needs. Some companies even have some nice holiday specials that will make it more affordable to reach all your family and friends. There are even companies that offer a few free prints, just in the spirit of the holidays.

One reason people love custom Christmas cards is because it allows the receiver know that the giver put some special thought into making it. A custom card can convey a special message or inside joke rather than just a standard greeting.

If you happen to have a circle of friends and family that is so large that you dread the tedium of sending a card to every single one of them, you might look into having the New York print shop do it for you. There are a lot of New York printing companies that can easily handle the distribution as well as the printing.

One other benefit of working with a local New York printing company is that they will always give you the opportunity to get some last minute gifts. Christmas time is always a rush, so it's easy to overlook some people. But, if you have already sent in a print job, you can easily get another custom card printed and delivered.

New York printers are happy to help out during the holidays. Besides custom Christmas cards, print shops have been popular in providing calendars for Christmas. December is the end of the year and one of the best times to get your calendar for the next year. New York printing companies are always stocked with the materials you need for a custom calendar.

If you really want to spread some holiday cheer this year, stop in and see what your local New York printing company can offer. A card or a calendar may seem like a simple item, but it can show someone you were thinking of them. - 30296

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Marc Scheff's Art & Design Work

By Kerisha Collins

Mark Scheff is a Brooklyn, New York based freelancer. His talents include Sci-Fi, Conceptual and Children's Illustrations.

He spent his childhood in the New England Comics store, in Boston. Here is where he read such fantasy novels as Galactus consumes planets. Upon finishing an unsolicited commission in fifth grade, Marc then illustrated a submission of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for the attention of author Douglas Adams.

After getting no response, Marc continued his hand at art, coming up with different types of concepts to work with in different media's.

Now, Marc loves to paint and illustrate for people, to create images that inspire them. He specialises in fantasy art and portrait commissions also.

On receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Arts University and a BA in Computer Science from Harvard University, Marc has been able to work on the unique points to a design and has the ability to pay much attention to detail.

He continues to be a traditional artist but also incorporates the digital, as learning something new each day keeps his work fresh.

On viewing Marc's portfolio, you can see the different range of techniques he is capable of and they all meet his customers and clients needs.

If you were to take a look at one of his commissioned portraits, the one of Polly Rose in particular, it shows solid black, white and grey colours. But there is a selection of red colouring that highlights the whole portrait and makes the whole picture stand out.

Currently, Marc is doing a design job for film and games companies but also on a children's book. He is still looking for more work in the film and book industry.

His customers and clients include Mothership pictures, Large Animal Games, Breakthru films, Dark Inertia Games, Zynga Games, EA Games and Dark Inertia Games.

Being as productive as he is, Marc can still be contacted via the website, if you are interested in in him and his work. Do not hesitate to get more information about him. - 30296

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Financial Security Starts with a New York Auto Insurance Quote

By Naomi Young

It's not anyone's favorite thing to get a New York auto insurance quote. For many, if given the choice they'd choose not to get insurance or insurance quotes! Remember though, if you want protection for yourself, you need to re-look at your thoughts on New York auto insurance quotes.

For many, there's a goal of financial security. And, I don't think I've ever met someone that wasn't working towards that. By being smart and getting the right New York car insurance quote, you'll be closer to that goal.

What does a quality NY car insurance quote do for you? Number one, it insures the fact that you have help and assistance if you have an accident. An accident can make a serious dent in your financial state.

As a result of an accident, there are numerous expenses that might be your responsibility that many of us might not even know. The first one is, the medical bills of all that were impacted by the accident. Next there is damage to vehicles that have to be taken care of. Many a time there are lawsuits that arise; there could be legal costs that you need to pay. If anyone loses wages or a job from this, this could all come out of your pocket.

If it was due to your driving, the majority of these dollars will need to be paid by you. Even if you aren't the one at fault, there are still some expenses that will be your responsibility. Lack of car insurance is no excuse and you'll still have to pay for what is needed to take care of the other driver's car and expenses that are because of this accident.

Trying to get by with only state minimums won't work. Legal fees of up to $600 a hour will quickly eliminate that amount of coverage. Some medical costs run into the 6 figures and vehicle repair costs are billed at about $95 an hour. If at all possible try to raise your coverage above the minimums when you get NY auto insurance quotes.

Your goal is to get the best coverage at the most affordable rates when you look for New York car insurance quotes. Always remember that what you pay for premiums is going to be substantially less than the cost of any accident. Make it easy on yourself and shop online for affordable New York auto insurance quotes. It is the fastest and easiest way to get several quotes from different insurance companies that will fit your pocketbook. - 30296

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Manhattan Locksmiths Can Maintain Many Different Locks

By Ked Tennedy

Any time there are thing to break in to there will always be those who are trying to get a way that gets them in to your automobiles, homes and Manhattan offices and they do not mean this in a friendly way. Most are realistic about the fact that theft can happen and it is not always the people that live in or working a building or drive a car being watched that might stop this from happening, usually it is due to the locks that are pre installed on the building or the vehicle that fends this off.

While it may not be thought of on a regular basis if people would take a little time to think about the different and varied locks on their homes, offices and even their automobiles, they will be able to see all of the advancements made with locks for better security. You can see when you learn about them that the locks are of great importance because of how well they protect.You can see this mostly in auto locks.

There was a time when a person needed to use one key to open the car and it's trunk and so on, and another to start it and that is a far gone past. Nowadays there is the one key alternative that not only opens the automobile and also can open trunks, start it be an alarm and it comes as a push buttons, keyless entry, foldable keys and more. The many changes with auto protection are obvious, however if you look a little closer at deadbolts for residential and commercial applications you can see how they've changed, too.

You are not letting anyone down by admitting that most aren't aware of changes to locks, and there should be at least a little knowledge of them, considering all they do for people. Businesses in Manhattan are better protected as new locks and advancements are brought about daily. Now, instead of the typical keychain full of keys and security guard up front, because keyless entry and access control systems let you have the protection you need and the benefit of accurately knowing who is coming in and out of a building, and you will also see many businesses using closed circuit TV now, as well.

While it may seem from the future, another really great locksmith mechanism is a biometric lock, which you can find in many companies, and will only get more popular. This type of access control is extremely advanced, accurate and dependable for a companies commercial Locksmith needs. It is obvious that regardless of where you live or work in Manhattan access control is something that is in place pretty much everywhere you go. Working or driving, staying at home or in a hotel, it doesn't matter what, if there we no locks, there would not be anything close to the security that you know and enjoy today. - 30296

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Staten Island Locksmiths Can Be Found Fast Online

By Dave Trusty

Staten Island, you can find important services such as the locksmith. It isn't that people beg for this kind of work to be done, but when it is needed, it's needed fast. When you are in need of locksmith services in Staten Island there won't always feel like there is the ability to take lots of time to thumb through phone books, you need help now.

And with the quick results online you know you can get quick care.As you search online for a locksmith you can look for exactly what you need. There are different kinds of services that a Staten Island locksmith offers and when you begin your search, make sure to put in what you need. There are those locksmiths that will focus solely on automotive care, like ignition care, fashioning new keys, replacing locks, auto lockout, and much more to get you on your way, and they work on a twenty four hour emergency schedule because things happen at all times.There are many time when not just car keys get lost, but residential or commercial keys have a way of disappearing, too. Locksmiths in Staten Island are skilled in this trade to a T.

Regardless of what the key is for, they are going to be able to make a new one easily. If keys have been stolen it is a good idea to have the locks replaced or have them changed. This is where this person can help, too. The worker will have locks they can sell you to match your needs and hardware that will help you to keep your place, or vehicle, secure.There is not any good time for any problem like lockout, and one that is especially problematic is if someone can get in your office or house without having authorization or permission.

Whether it is residential or commercial the locksmith can provide upgrades, advice, installs and sales of new equipment for what you already have or to replace it so that you are always well secure and safe in the knowledge that you have the best access control you can for your building.You should always be aware and make certain when finding a locksmith that you need to really know that this person is who they say they are. No matter how helpful the internet might be it can be misleading if the person is not able to do what they are offering to do for your money.

You really need to protect yourself when hiring someone and make sure that those who are doing the work you need are not only legitimate workers, but they must also be professionally and legally licensed, insured and bonded so you know you get the best work that you can. - 30296

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The Art Work Of Denise Biondo

By Kerisha Collins

In the city of Buffalo, Western New York lives the freelance creative designer Denise Biondo. Continually striving to always be the best at what she does, Denise has been able to broaden her creative skill-set beyond her wildest dreams.

The main creative focus of Denise Biondo lies within flash animation, web design and graphic design. As these are her main disciplines she has made it a priority in becoming a master of these fields. They are all inter-related, so enabling her to provide a more comprehensive service to her clients.

Simple, yet extremely sophisticated is the only way to describe the flourishing work of Denise Biondo. Her work has a calm and peaceful aura to it, and she uses very few colours, but the emotion of what she creates is extremely powerful.

The personality type of Denise is what causes her work to vary so much, never knowing what she may come up with next. Her desire, to live, learn, expand and grow is shown throughout her career as a freelancer, as she has been able the mature into the wonderful designer we see before us. Rather than conform to what society expects, Denise has taken it upon her self to make her work unique, and to create a style of her own, that she can be proud of.

Design was not the first career choice for Denise, but this never stopped it from being one of her favourite pastimes whilst she lived in San Francisco. As time went on, how could she give up the very thing that she loved doing most, Instead, Denise made a stand and decided that design was going to be her life, and set out to learn all she could, and be the best at what she loves.

We are living in a time where the creative world has become very uniform, and from artist to artist there is very little variation. It is hard for one to stand out amongst the rest, but Denise has managed to do just that with her unique character and style showing throughout her work, she has been able to develop unique concepts of her own.

Denise's journey and future in graphic design looks very bright, and we all look forward to seeing her future creations. - 30296

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Spanish And Mexican Food On Long Island

By L.J. James

Like I have said before, I am no Gourmet Chef or expert on fine Cruise. I do how ever know what I like. Recently Me and a Buddy of mine stopped at the Meson Ole Dinner in Southampton on Long Island in NY, A Mexican and Spanish Restaurant.

Some of you may know I am a Biker, As any Biker knows some times the greetings we get when we walk into a place can be a look of "Oh No" and a half hearted "can I help you?", Is it right? Well of course not, but that's a different article. The Greeting We got at Meson Ole was a very warm friendly one and we felt welcomed in.

The Decor of the place was great and you could almost believe you where some where down in Mexico. We where promptly brought over some Nachos and Salsa and some fresh hot Bread and Butter. We ordered a Pitcher of Sangria, A drink I do not believe I have ever had before but I enjoyed none the less!

We ordered a Bunch of food and the Service was pretty fast. Now even the best service means nothing if the food is not good, Well the food was incredible. We ordered a set up where you made your own Pepper Steak Burritos and also a plate of Ham and Cheese Burritos. It was all made to perfection, The Pepper Steak was served in a separate pan and it was still sizzling when it was placed safely on the table ! I could not have been happier with the taste and preparation of the food! While we where enjoying the meal the waiter made sure we where happy at all times. When the Bread was finished more was served to us. We ate so much ran out of Burrito wraps, That is not a complaint because as soon as it was notice more where quickly brought to the Table.

I eat at many places as I really love to eat, But some times I come across a place like the Meson Ole Dinner where I feel I must share the experience with others! I was happy to find out that the Meson Ole has 8 locations across Long Island NY and two in Naples Florida (That's a bit of a big jump in the Chains Locations) Good food can sometimes be hard to find, Both Great Food and Great service at one place can be almost imposable to find these days! So If you are a fan of Mexican and Spanish Cuisine check out the Meson Ole Dinners in the Long Island NY area or when you are near Naples, Florida and let me know what you think of them.

Your Bro L.J. James - 30296

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The Day Of The NY Locksmith

By Steve Barge

This New York locksmith is a mobile NY locksmith. He drives around and answers calls of people who need help with their locks. He is on his way to help a woman who locked herself out of her house. She was a pain on the telephone when she spoke to the NY locksmith. The NY locksmith wonders as he drives to the woman's house if she will keep up her level of obnoxiousness without having a heart attack. He arrives at his destination grabs his tool box and walks up the driveway to meet the woman.

The woman had a Baldwin lock and the NY locksmith fixes it. She asks him what she can do to keep from breaking her Baldwin from breaking again. He responds in his professional opinion she can sell her house and move to a state that does not have Baldwin locks. At that point for some reason the woman then asked him if he was a licensed NY locksmith.

He drives off to his next job reminding us that he has not had a traffic accident in a whole year and that he lives by the credo that safetiness is next to Godliness. The next call he makes is at a house with another Baldwin lock.

He says the inner mechanism needs repair. He calibrates the bolt slider very carefully because even a thousandth of an inch can make a difference. This can be nerve wracking work because he is dealing with minute details.

Then the NY locksmith answers a call from a teenager who has locked the keys in his dad's car and he needs to get it home because his dad needs the car. The NY locksmith opens a space between the rubber seal and the door window. He holds it open with a window wedge. He then takes his slim jim and tries to use the hook on the end to reach the lock lever.

He feels for the lock release. He pulls the wedge down to see into the door panel. He sees what he is looking for and pulls the release with his slim jim and yanks the door look and it springs open. The teen is grateful and gets on the road so his dad will not miss his appointment.

To open a car door he will employ a manual wedge and then a door stop. He can also use an air wedge. He puts this between the door and frame. He can then pump up the air wedge allowing him access with his tool. He can put a lasso tool on older cars that have old style locks. He can use this to pull latch locks up.

He has an auto buster for GM cars that have slide locks. In the NY locksmith's tool box are an array of tools he can help you with when you lock yourself out. Keep your the number to your NY locksmith on your cell phone. And do not lose your cell phone. - 30296

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Limos-For When You Are In New York

By Stanley Devin

When you are in the Big Apple, you need to travel in style. The best way to travel in style is in a nice chic limo. They are very classy vehicles and provide enough room for about 10 people to travel in style.

They maneuver the streets of New York from one destination to another with ease and grace. Many people traveling to New York on business opt to use the limousines for their transportation needs. The vehicles provide the desired flash in appearance while providing the discretion for transportation.

Most people think the limos in New York are expensive, yet they are completely wrong. A business can actually afford the expense of the limo and will have the added benefit of the amount of elegance the limo provides. The cost of the transportation by the limo from one point to another generally ranges in cost from $165 to $250, depending on the distance. Therefore, for the people that travel in a group, the cost of transportation is far less considering the price of transportation of each person individually. The cost of a luxury sedan compared to taking a limo, is about $100 while they can seat only three people.

The price of the limo service varies on the destination traveled. To visit the Burroughs or New York City, the prices range between $70 and $130. Transportation to see one of the games in a limo can cost as much as $225. To economize on the cost, travel in a large group.

Remember there are additional fees with the price of renting a limousine. The additional costs include any tolls for the areas and the tip for the driver. There is also the fact of the meals for the driver if the trip is lengthy.

The transportation in the limo also has other benefits to the passenger such as a newspaper, drinks, and refreshments. The benefits provided to the passenger are terrific especially if they are traveling a long distance. Some New York limos have fully stocked bars yet the passenger will have to pay extra for the contents of the bar.

The limousines offer additional benefits with their services. There are newspapers as well as drinks and other refreshments provided. These extras are great for the rider in the limousine if they are traveling a long distance. Some New York limousines are also equipped with a fully stocked bar, yet the use of the beverages in the bar is an additional expense with some services.

The rates listed are standard for most New York limousines yet it is always good to price comparison shop with all the companies. To reserve the services of a limousine, a person can use the internet. This is one way to be sure there is a vehicle waiting for the person arriving at the airport. - 30296

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